Following certain etiquette during our correspondence and when we meet will ensure our time together is the very best it can be.


* Please be polite when you contact me.

Even after we have met, I would appreciate that you include the date and time you wish to book in your initial text message.

Your good manners further endear me to you.


* Please do not be upset when requested to not wear any cologne during our time it is due to my severe environmental allergies.


* Please never suggest I lower my standards in terms of my safety restrictions. I have attracted you because you are like minded and value the precautions I take. They are in place for my physical safety, good health and mental comfort, as well as yours.


Any suggestions or attempts during our time together will

result in you leaving immediately with zero refund.                      


* Please let me know if you are running late. If you are running more than a few minutes late, be courteous and call or text.


Your first correspondence me must include:

1. Your CAF User Name
2. Any special requests you have for our time together
3. The duration of time you wish to book

4. The dates and times that works best with your schedual 

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